About Intis Telecom

A short background of our company and main guidelines we follow to respect our customers

Who we are

In order to provide a quality service for business mobile messaging we have created powerful and stable SMS software with a direct connection to GSM and CDMA mobile operators. We have reached this solution largely as a result of experience that we have gained since 2010 when our company was launched.

Today, Intis Telecom is a EU-based telecommunication company with two offices; in the UK and in Lithuania. Over 500 companies around the world use our SMS solutions and we would love to see you among our happy customers and partners!
Our service key features
Use-proven operators
We deal only with providers we trust. For better reliability, every direction is backed up with several routes that can be instantly switched
Achieving your goals
No matter how good you are in IT - our SMS solutions can cover needs of any customer as we provide both - a powerful API with a convenient web-based application
We love our job
And we are aiming not to be just good, but to become best in our field. We are passionate in developing SMS services for your needs