How-to: Schedule Text Message Campaigns

Aug 24, 2016 From: How-to

If your marketing purposes demand you to have as many hands as Shiva, you may need something to save your time. As we understand your business, we’ve provided our text message platform with a ‘Smart Scheduler’ tool. So, when launching your SMS campaigns with our texting service, you can set any time in the future for single or regular mail-outs, or even choose a specific period over which they should be sent to avoid an overload at your call-center. Take a look at how simple all of these options are to put into practice:

Explore the following three features, just clicking on the headlines below:

1. Single sending at a specific time

2. Single sendings with adjusted speeds at a specific time

3. Regular sending

1. Single sending at a specific time

Let’s say we’re owners of an imaginary café who want to use text messages to invite customers to their place at lunch time.

Maybe we’ve come up with this bright marketing idea in the morning, but we know we may forget about it due to other working plans during the day.

So, what we do this very minute is log in to our Intis Telecom account and create a new SMS with the use of a personalization tag:

Next we set a sending time, picking the option ‘later’. As soon as we do so, an additional ‘date and time’ parameter will roll down.

So, since we want our clients to receive our text messages right at the moment they start to think about having lunch, we choose a time one or two hours ahead of lunchtime:

At the end, we select the right customer list and press the ‘Send’ button.

To make sure that the texting app has scheduled our text messages correctly we go to ‘Scheduler’ and check out the overall details:

We see that everything is okay. And the most pleasant part is that we don’t need to control the sending process! So we’ve saved our time and we can go back to our café managing duties with peace of mind.

2. Single sendings with adjusted speeds at a specific time

Now let’s stop being café owners and become… official Apple product distributors. As in our imaginary world anything can happen, say, we are allowed to put a 50 percent discount on a limited number of iPhones 6 S for only five days.

We thought it would be a good idea to inform our mobile subscribers about this unbelievable offer first of all, as we want to reward their loyalty. And only if there are iPhones left unsold, reveal this information to other prospects by less direct means, such as social media, print and digital ads.

But regardless of this, we are only going to send out text messages to our mobile subscribers and we can predict that most of them will totally thrilled about the news. So, we somehow have to think about how to arrange the flow of customers.

And here, the Intis Telecom texting platform can also help us! There is a special ‘Smart Scheduler’ tool, that allows us to solve this problem through setting up a certain sending speed .

For example, setting the sending speed at 5 text messages and telling the recipients that they can only get their  discounts for two hours, we can avoid having a large crowd of people at our store, as each group of recipients will have their own time slot to take action.

So, firstly, we click on the ‘Smart Scheduler’ button. Then we choose the ‘single sending’ option, as our offer is not a repeating event.

Thirdly, we set parameters such as the ‘start date’ and the ‘sending speed ’.

Then we indicate the days of week during which we are going to run our SMS campaign (in our case we need to choose five days) and the period of time during which 5 text messages will be sent out every hour. 

Next we have to choose the correct customer list from among those stored on our Intis Telecom account. Additionally, it’s possible to select a list of customers to exclude from the SMS campaign.

Finally, we make up a text for our blowing-mind SMS messages and click on the ‘Send’ button to start our scheduled text campaign.

As was shown in the previous example, we can also go to the ‘Scheduler’ and ensure that our text messages are scheduled correctly.

There is also another way to send text messages evenly but without specifying details such as when exactly they will all be sent and at what rate.

So, if these details are not so crucial for your campaign, you can choose this type of scheduled delivery, by just setting a start and end date to the sending time and ticking the box ‘Evenly Distributed’. In this case, the best sending speed will be picked according to the parameters you have selected.

3. Regular sending

When it comes to receiving text messages on certain days of the week or month, we usually associate this with different kinds of service announcements. That’s because the so called operational text messages that we get, for example, from banks about our account updates or credit, are part of our every-day life.

But regular sending can also be helpful for promotional purposes. For example, when some companies offer discounts on the last Friday or the first day of each month.

Anyway, the regular sending function is a must-have for every texting platform. As for Intis Telecom, its regular sending feature is very easy-to-use.

To get started working with this feature, you first need to go to the ‘Smart Scheduler’ tool and choose the ‘Regular sending’ option.

Then you need to pick out the regular sending option that best fits your text message campaign:

If you need to send your mobile subscribers the same text message every day – select the ‘Repeat every day’ option. However, always bear in mind that promotions repeated with extreme high frequency often irritate people very much. This means that pretty much the only reason to use this sort of sending is to notify about the status of your subscribers’ possessions, orders, transactions and things like that.

If you want your recipients to receive the same SMS on certain day of week or month – choose the option ‘Repeat on certain days of week’ or ‘Repeat on certain days of month’. These options are appropriate for service messages, as well as for SMS marketing campaigns.

What’s the difference between two last options?

The ‘Repeat on certain days of week’ option refers to picking the days of the week, such as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc., as the day/days of regular sending. That means if you have picked a ‘Monday’ and adjusted the time or period of time for mail-out, your text messages will be sent to your subscribers 4 or 5 times a month every Monday at a set time.

The ‘Repeat on certain days of month’ option allows you to indicate days of month by their numbers. So, in our example below text messages will be sent on the  first day of each month from 9 to 12 am.

All your next steps within the Intis Telecom regular sending feature are performed in a similar  way; as always, you need to select the correct customer list from those stored in your account, exclude some telephone numbers as required, add contacts to the chosen list, write the text of the message and finally send it out.

And of course, all the details of your scheduled text campaign are displayed in the ‘Scheduler’; there is a separate tab labelled ‘Regular Sendings’. 

Need more comprehensive information about Intis Telecom time managing feature? Feel free to contact us at any time!