Business text messaging

There is probably nothing simpler, faster and cheaper that business texting with SMS

If you are looking for an efficient way to reach every customer – or potential customer – there is probably nothing simpler, faster and cheaper that business texting. 

Before you determine how to use our business texting service to serve your purposes, let’s find an answer to the question which deserves the seat of honor in our FAQ list.


Why choose SMS for business, not … or  …?

One might argue that there are plenty of other ways to reach your target audience but each of them has major drawbacks that cannot be avoided. Just have a look at the most apparent ones:

Phone calls. Many people find them annoying and intruding on their privacy. Even if your company chooses the timing as carefully as possible, no one can guarantee that the call will be welcomed by a customer who may be in the middle of something. As a result, you get a frustrated customer plus an equally frustrated operator who failed to deliver the message properly.
Emails. Unlike business SMS, emails are commonly ignored and neglected. Many people do not use a valid email address while creating an account or filling in a form, so you cannot be sure that your message is going to be read carefully – or even read at all. Some people have several email addresses which they do not check regularly.
Social networks. They prove to be quite efficient but their efficiency is limited by several factors. Social networks can be useful in some cases like marketing or targeted advertising but they often fail to be a really useful tool to reach your customer directly and instantly.


Text messaging for business

It stands to reason that SMS business marketing is deprived of the above-mentioned drawbacks. Each and every customer has a mobile phone which accompanies its owner virtually every second everywhere. 

The most engaging and regardful, the least annoying and troublesome, this is the path to lead your business to success.