Text your clients right from Excel

Add a new function to Excel and start
SMS campaigns in one click

It`s free

Intis SMS Excel Plugin

We know how useful Excel is to build and filter the list of clients’ contacts. But we also know how much time it takes you to master a program for sending SMS

So, we’ve created free plugin for Excel to release you from need to learn a new service - just call ‘send SMS’ option from a right-click menu and start sending out text

Write your message

and use column numbers to put customer data from your worksheet inside a text

Schedule mailouts

let the plugin start your SMS campaigns at the time better fitted your business

Use templates

create standardized text messages for certain occasions

Choose recipients

set an interval of cells where your customers’ phone numbers written

Give a start

to your campaigns and boost your business / increase income/ raise customer loyalty

A perfect way to send SMS
Filter data in Excel

Apply filters or perform search queries through spreadsheets with your customer's details

Pick up a range of numbers

Simply select a range of phone numbers who you plan to send a m

Push the button

To start a campaign hit the message button at the top menu SMS

Work with all popular versions of MS Excel, such as:

Excel 2003

Excel 2007

Excel 2010

Excel 2013

Excel 2016

What users say

Sometimes I feel as Shiva: there are so many campaigns to launch and control for promotion my business! Thankfully, SMS marketing tool ‘SMS Excel’ has time managing feature. So, already now I can set up any time in the future for sending messages. And what’s more, I can also choose a concrete period of time for continuous sending SMS to avoid an overload at my call-center and send SMS to my clients according to their time zones.


Sales manager

I know that it’s truly success to use in a text message a customer’s name. But to write it down in every SMS by hand is very time-consuming. So good that ‘SMS Excel’ allows you to automatically embed names and other information from Excel tables to an SMS.


Marketing expert

Ready to start?
Launch SMS campaigns in a matter of seconds via your favourite program

It’s important to know:

After Excel has been updated in 2016, you need to follow these 3 steps before running an add-in:

1. Find the uploaded add-in file (it's usually in 'Downloads')
2. Right-click it and select 'Properties’ -> ‘Unblock’ -> ‘Ok’
3. Now you can execute the add-in file.

These requirements relate to the new macro security settings in Microsoft Office applications; you need to unblock every macros downloaded from the Internet, before you run them

If you want to get the add-in loaded each time that Excel starts up, then choose one from the 2 following options (be careful, these two options doesn’t work simultaneously):

1. Enable an auto-start on launch by clicking on an ‘About program’ button and ticking ‘Load on startup’ in the ‘Options’ tab.
2. Tune parameters in Excel menu. In Excel 2003 you should go to ‘Service’ and then to ‘Add-ins’; in later versions of Excel you can find ‘Add-ins’ in ‘Excel parameters’, then you need to go to the right Excel add-in settings and click the ‘Goto’ button.

Plugin installation quick guide
Download plugin

Simply save a file to your desktop via any browser

Run "Add-ins" manager

Browse a file with an Excel plugin manager and install it

Find a new tab

A new SMS tab or pannel appears at the top menu of your Excel