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Send your SMS with
simple PHP command
In order to send a messsage text "Hello world!" to mobile number
+1-888-777-6655 with a sender's name "MyCompany" - use a following sample. Just put credentials data from your account.
$client = new IntisClient(<api login>, <api key>, <api host name>);
$client->sendMessage("18887776655", "MyCompany", "Hello world!");
Each SMS you send will get unique ID so you can check the message status later:
$client = new IntisClient(<api login>, <api key>, <api host name>);
$deliveryStatus = $client->getDeliveryStatus("message id");
When you may need an SMS integration?
SMS is known as the very urgent channel of communication when most of your messages get read in minutes. That's why you may need SMS integration for purposes like:
Confirm your login on Your code is 13597
2-step verification
Provide your customers extended security options, so they can confirm logging in your service/website.
You are successfully checked in on flight no. UK2658. Boarding ends at 5:30 pm.
Timely reminders
Help your clients to recall what they can easily forget in proper time, e.g. a scheduled visit or some expiry date.
Server DC-MAIN12: low free space on Disk C 89%
Critical alerts for IT specialists
Get notified when your server has low free space, memory or any other issues with your IT infrastructure.
Have fun with free sdk & api demo
Now you can practice your goals in SMS integration. All you need to do is to fill in the form below and we will provide you a demo login, key and host for our API as well as the full SDK library including tutorials and other usage examples e.g. checking your account's balance, HLR verification etc.