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Sending texts from computer app: key advantages

With so many websites offering to deliver SMS worldwide for free and even more numerous phone and tablet apps designed for this purpose, one may ask why a PC application is needed at all. However, occasional messages to a friend are one thing; large-scale texting is quite a different story. 

When the world of high-tech is increasingly focusing on smartphones and tablets, using PCs may seem a bit old-fashioned. However, choosing this way of communication has its major advantages which have been unrivaled for years.


Full-sized keyboard. Typing on a big PC or laptop keyboard is still a faster, more convenient and productive way to compose a message. When you have to type more than an average smartphone user does, you realize that a comparatively small phone’s or tablet’s keyboard is a challenge for your fingers. It matters especially when you have to carry out multiple text conversations simultaneously or be really quick in response.

Integration and synchronization. Unlike a typical smartphone SMS application which can only be used for its primary purpose, a PC app provides you with a great opportunity to synchronize your email service, text messages, social network accounts and even calls into one well-organized system where everything is in order.

Efficient management. While using websites to send SMS does not provide effective tracking and reports on your messages, an app to text from computer is a powerful  tool to manage your inbox and outbox messages. You can archive them, use thousands of templates or schedule them to be sent later. You can control your smartphone or tablet texts remotely to be inlined into this scheme.

Our SMS PC app:

has all the above-mentioned features
is cost-effective;
is user-friendly and customizable

With our application for computer SMS, you will become a pro in this field. Elegant but simple, this solution is a key to the integrated control of your communication ways. The only thing it is not accountable for is the Internet connection – apart from this, our app is an all-embracing tool to manage SMS from start to finish, from writing them to storing them.

To explore all the features, join the ranges of those who have already discovered all the secret powers of text messaging from their PCs and laptops – of those who have already mastered this domain to be time-efficient and productive.