SMS short code made easy

If you are looking for efficient marketing tools for your business, you might have already seen some information about short codes.

If you are not quite sure what it means, here is a simple overview of the subject which lays the things as they are.

Q.:What is a short code(SC)?
A.: From the pragmatic perspective, this short code SMS thing is a number to which the message is sent. It can differ from one mobile operator to another or be shared by many of them.
From a more poetic perspective, short code texting is your company’s path to recognition and success. It is accountable for your brand’s value and popularity.

Q.: Are there different short code SMS types?
A.: Basically, there are two types: dedicated and shared text short code types. The first is like an exclusive property of your company which cannot be used by anyone else. The shared short code is not specific; you may find out that someone is using it as well because they have the right to do it.


Q.: So, is a dedicated SC better?
A.: Well, it depends on your priorities. If your goal is efficient marketing, it definitely is. It is like an integral part of your company’s image – you would rather not share it with anyone else, would you?
However, if the business is currently pressed for funds, a shared SC can be used as a temporary option. You will still reach your customers but there cannot be said much about brand building. 

Q.: What do you offer? What is your solution?
A.: Our product is designed for those who choose quality and efficiency. That is, our SMS short code service provides you with the powerful marketing tool. Choose your strategy and adjust our software to fit your needs. Your customers will associate your company with our dedicated SC, and brand ambassadorship becomes easy and fast. 

Q.: What is this keyword thing? How does it work in SMS?
A.: The SMS keyword is an indicator that helps an SMS provider route the messages of various SMS campaigns that a consumer takes part in. To do it, providers have to know the companies’ SCs and keywords, as keywords are associated with a short code. This is aimed at differentiating users (companies in particular) one from another when the SC is shared. It is logical, as you can share your SC with any company. When the SC is dedicated, the keywords are associated only with one particular number.

Q.: Can I buy a SC?
A.: When a company uses a dedicated SC, no other business can operate on its code number. However, it does not mean it owns the short code – they can be either bought or leased. The latter option can be unavailable for some reasons, but some companies do lease out their short codes.


Q.: What can SCs can do apart from being a marketing tool?
A.: Actually, they are vastly used for company-user interaction. You can consider it as a kind of marketing tool but it is a more wide-reaching concept. They make two-way conversations with customers easy by using auto-reply and auto-welcome messages. Voting and donations also operate on a SC basis. If you come to think about it, short codes provide you with virtually limitless opportunities to exercise your creativity in the field of company-customer interaction.

Q.: I’m still in doubt…
A.: We will be happy to answer any other questions about short codes in SMS marketing. Feel free to ask!