Texting Software for Business

The Best Business Text Messaging App for your Company

Quickly and efficiently send text messages worldwide with our SMS software designed to meet the most pressing business needs. 

We offer highly competitive text messaging software allowing you to run your business in the most time-efficient and cost-efficient way. Your customers, employees and partners will get your messages instantly, as if you were talking to them personally. Let them feel included. Let yourself be heard.


Main features:

Distribution of mass text messages as well as single-addressee texts
Various templates
Interface usability and adaptability
Automated process 
Collecting data for reports and statistics
Balance checking

What else?

With so many companies offering similar products with comparable features, you may ask yourself: why should I choose this particular SMS sending software? Have a look at the advantages of the software in question:
Easy to install, easy to customize. Depending on your business needs – you can make all kinds of adjustments. 
Secure way to deliver messages. We care about our privacy policy and data safety.
Integration. By using our SMS server software, you make a big step towards process optimization: your email and short text correspondence are no longer two different sides of one coin but an organic whole.
Affordability. We do not charge more than we have to in order to cover our costs
Support. We do not let anyone leave with unanswered questions or unsettled problems.


Anything to be aware of?

You can be sure that our text software has no hidden charges. We do not impose extra charges or monthly payments, so you pay only for SMS themselves. You do not have to sign any agreement if you want only to benefit from the product. However, we are also glad to cooperate with the customers who prefer long-term personalized partnership.

Finally, we try to make our software as flexible as possible, so we value our customers’ feedback. It is essential to make our collaboration with you mutually beneficial and enjoyable.