Sms to email

SMS to email service is a case in point of this approach.

There is no universal solution to all the challenges of the modern world. This is why we suggest considering a multiway approach to many of your communication issues. SMS to email service is a case in point of this approach.

When talking about SMS-to-email integration, we usually mean two different sides of one coin. The first is about sending text messages to an email address; while the second is about forwarding your received SMS to your own mail box.


Let’s start at the beginning. Here is a guide of how to send texts to email. Normally, it does not take any major efforts or specific software.

How to send text messages to email:
Go to the SMS app you normally use
Compose your message
Attach files if needed (make sure they are not too big for a text message)
Enter the recipient’s email address into the number field 
Press “Send”

This is it. As you can see, you can do it without any special apps. The only thing that can prevent a message from being sent successfully is that the MMS option is not activated on your mobile plan. Another tricky thing is the file you are attaching – sometimes it can be too big to be sent by SMS. Apart from that, the operation is very likely to be carried out successfully.


Now let’s proceed to the second aspect.

How to forward SMS to email:
Download and install our SMS to email application
Fill in the required fields
Enjoy this time-saving method of processing and keeping your inbox SMS and emails

Again, the way towards optimization of your communication styles is quite easy but the benefits are tangible: you save your time and efforts and ensure that every message you send and receive is processed in a proper way.