Our Software Development Services

We have been supplying a full range of services for software development, upgrade, implementation and maintenance since 1998.

Maintenance and support
A complete range of services for technical maintenance and support of software solutions, from independent system performance evaluation to 24/7 support.

Dedicated development centers
Providing dedicated developer teams based on a proven and customizable cooperation strategy.

System and application prototyping is a safe way to test the viability of a concept and minimize risks at early stages of development.

A range of IT infrastructure virtualization services, including virtualization, design, deployment and maintenance of servers to build cloud-based infrastructures.

Custom software development
A full range of services for the development of custom software, including development of solutions from scratch, in accordance with the individual vision of the customer.

Application integration
Integration of business applications to ensure uninterrupted information exchange and end-to-end data processing as part of consolidated business processes.

Independent testing
Independent software testing and quality assurance services for developers and end users.

Upgrade of legacy systems and applications, including document recovery, refactoring, data migration and integration into the existing IT infrastructure.

If you need professional outsourcing in any of these fields, please describe your project