Web to Sms

Send SMS from web any time anywhere

All you need is Internet connection and an idea of what you want to write in your message. Reach your customers and friends, partners and family with group or individual text messages around the world. Stay relevant and interactive!


Our SMS web platform made easy in ten seconds: 

Personalized sender ID
Balance control
User-friendly interface
No downloads required
No integration problems
Contacts import and management
Stats and reports
Email to SMS services
Web SMS templates
Affordability and special offers

Sending web SMS is a fast and efficient way to get a message across to your customers – literally and figuratively speaking. Our online SMS sender provides you with limitless opportunities to make you even more competitive and time-efficient. Get your mass texting optimized and profit from the time spared thanks to this optimization!


Our web to SMS service: how it works

The way it functions is clear and simple and it’s actually the key to its success. We based our reasoning on our customers’ feedback to provide them (you, that is) with the most up-to-date and flexible service that will meet any needs:

Our SMS gateway meets all modern standards of web communication.
Internet SMS are sent via cell phone provider's web site, so we do not engage any unauthorized companies to help us serve you.
We use secure protocols to ensure that your messages are delivered safe and sound.
We do not sell your data to any third parties.
To make you feel at ease at every step of the process, we provide 24/7 support and try to make every piece of our software and online services as user-friendly as possible.

We truly hope you will enjoy using our services and we are always happy to receive your feedback to make them even more convenient and adjustable to various needs.