Easy mass text message sending via SMS Gateway API

The Intis Telecom team has developed its own API for SMS messaging, which allows us to greatly simplify the work of our clients and create many opportunities for them by our mass text message application.

Features supported:

Sending single and group SMS

You can send a single or a group of text messages with unique parameters for each message with SMS API service provider through our SMS gateway application.

Message scheduling

You don’t have to send messages immediately you create them with our bulk SMS service API. Our scheduling feature allows you to send content out on the days and times you want based on your plans and subscribers’ time zones.

Delivery status requests

We make it really easy for you with SMS gateway provider API to find out whether your message has reached the subscriber or not.

HLR requests, number queries

Keep your subscriber database up to date at all times with our number query service by SMS service provider API. HLR requests allow you to establish the status of your subscribers’ numbers, whether they are active, blocked, or out of service, and if they are present in their home network or roaming elsewhere and this all with our SMS service provider for web application.

Subscribers’ operator identification requests

There’s no guessing game now when it comes to working out exactly which mobile network a subscriber is registered with and to which operator their number belongs with our SMS text messaging application. One easy request using our service will get you the information you need rapidly via our SMS sending API.

Pricing information

Find out what it costs to send SMS by best SMS API service to any specific mobile operator or country quickly and easily.

Usage examples

SDK and usage examples are available on GitHub:
It is also possible to send SMS using the SMPP protocol. If you need any help using API or SMPP, please contact our technical support team
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