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How SMS Can Help You

Use cases for SMS are limited only by the ingenuity of the human mind. Whether you have Marketing, Transactional or Informative content to deliver, SMS drives a level of engagement no other digital channel can match.

A multi-purpose solution

No matter the size or type of your organisation, we make increasing client engagement and marketing conversion rates something real and quantifiable. Below are just a a couple of use case areas

  • Marketeers have access to practically anybody with a SIM enabled device who consents to receiving their content. SMS is ubiquitous and the perfect tool to drive your market and brand presence with both existing and potential customers
  • Logistics departments can keep businesses and people updated at all stages of the shipping process. Take the guessing away by sending SMS notifications

With a stable of several thousand Enterprise clients globally built up over the past decade plus, Intis Telecom knows that the thing consumers most value is their time. SMS drives a real sense of urgency. Working together with Enterprises, we constantly refine our solution to ensure it meets their requirements on an ongoing basis, never losing sight of usability. After all, what use is the best technology in the world if you need a Master’s degree from MIT to use it…

SMS Solutions

If you have Marketing, Transactional and Informative content to deliver to your customer then SMS is the perfect vehicle to do this rapidly and accurately. We make it all so easy. Here’s the why and how:

  • SMS is truly ubiquitous. Billions of people have a SIM enabled mobile device which supports at least being able to receive SMS messages
  • 98% of successfully delivered SMS are opened, the majority within 5 minutes. No other digital channel taken in isolation drives engagement or a sense of urgency with your customers the way SMS does
  • It just works. SMS is intuitive and cuts across all demographics. There’s no need for a smartphone or Internet connectivity either. Just a basic mobile device
  • You don’t need to be a Space X rocket scientist to be able to send out great content rapidly. Far from it. Whether first signing up for our service, adding credit to your account or creating, scheduling and sending the actual messages out, we make the whole process seamless and easy for you
  • You get a great return on your investment. Given the engagement levels SMS drives, it truly is cost effective

Short, Concise Messaging Works!

Only about 20% of emails sent by enterprises to customers or potential customers are actually read. Sure, it might be free to send emails out but that does not mean it is cost effective in any way. Stack email against SMS where 98% of messages are read. People today feel they are busier than they have ever been and are time poor. They value every minute and every organisation out there needs to understand this. Consumers appreciate receiving short bursts of content they are expecting and which they value. And SMS is proving to be THE channel to deliver exactly this

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