Our SMS Solutions

SMS services for health, beauty and fitness

Our SMS solution lends itself perfectly to powering the content delivery requirements of any health, beauty or fitness related organisation

These types of businesses require a personal touch and being able to easily customise messages you send to your customers using our intuitive cloud-based solution will help you get closer to them.

You create the content they value and we’ll do the rest – delivering it rapidly and accurately to them, wherever in the world they may be

Nicola don’t forget your appointment for your cut and blow dry at 09:00 on January 9th
Mrs Smith, this is a reminder that you have an appointment at Jones and Associates on Tue 12 Jan at 11:AM
Andrew, for 50% of a whey protein shake the next time you visit Body Power, just show our team member this message
Personal Trainer
Nicola, remember every gramme of fat has 9 calories, protein just 4. Try and eat more lean proteins. Your diet is key to meeting your body transformation goal
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