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We have created Intis Telecom bulk SMS-sending service for you and your business so that you can quickly and inexpensively implement advertising campaigns using text messages.
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Why it is convenient?

The point is that you don't have to pay for the desktop version of the service: all you have to do is buy SMS online and that's all - you can start the campaign. You check the price for mailing in each particular country on this page after registration.

To start working with our SMS reseller, you do not need to download any additional software. Log in to your profile, replenish your account and start setting up your campaign. The price of our SMS gateway is quite affordable, we do not charge any extra fees, neither any hidden commission - you only pay for the SMS. The price may vary depending on the region where you want to launch a newsletter. Register on the Intis Telecom website and get access to bulk SMS-sending service at a low price.

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