Sophisticated but easy to use software helping SMS aggregators and traders to optimise their businesses. We can offer you a comprehensive SMS business consulting service to ensure you leverage your investment with us to the full

Complete solution for aggregators

If you’re after a supremely reliable solution with which to manage your SMS traffic providers, optimising your costs and quality of service along the way, then look no further. Check out our platform’s comprehensive user-friendly feature set

Highly scalable

Throughput of up to 10k messages per second. We offer SMPP and HTTP connectivity

Flexible traffic routing

Fine-tune routes according to their delivery rates, average quality and any restrictions in place

Precise costs analytics

Identify the best pricing in the market, factoring in both route quality and delivery rates

Smart built-in billing

With real-time traffic pricing and currency rate spike alerts

The key to successful communication

SMS is ubiquitous and has worked its way into the consciousness of billions of people globally. People understand it and feel comfortable with it. The channel drives a sense of urgency that email or social media cannot touch. Every SIM enabled mobile device has the capability to receive SMS as the bare minimum

SMS gateway features

Intis Telecom offers entrepreneurs simple and functional software for creating and managing advertising campaigns. With our solution you’ll be able to:
Quickly and easily create and send text messages via the Internet. There’s no need to download or install additional software. Just sign up with us online, download the message recipients’ contact information, define the task and you’re good to go
Connect any software enabling the sending of SMS to our SMS gateway server. You’ll be sending content directly from your website, online stores, online services, CRM systems and other areas in no time
Attract new customers using our numbers database which is segmented by region and mobile operator
Launch large SMS campaigns in a matter of minutes. Notify customers about promotions and discounts. Inform and update them. Sending messages via the Internet from our website or via the API is easy. And why not automate the sending of them from your app, CRM or site
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