Sophisticated software to help SMS aggregators and traders to optimize their business. SMS business consulting

Complete solution for aggregators

If you need a stable solution to handle your SMS traffic providers and optimize your costs and quality of service, then have a look at our platform's features for SMS traffic wholesalers.

Great scalability

Deal with up to 10K messages per second and 1000M monthly. We have SMPP and HTTP connections to vendors and from customers

Adjustable traffic routing

Fine-tune routes according to its delivery rates, average quality and restrictions

Precise costs analytics

To pick up the best prices for any particular quality level and delivery rate

Smart built-in billing

With real-time alerts on traffic prices or currency rates spikes

The key to successful communication

Optimization with the help of an SMS gateway solution is key to successful communication with each unit of the enterprise.
Despite the active development of social media and the ability to run the business online, SMS notifications remain the most reliable and affordable communication channel with any audience. In contrast to the Instagram profile, every resident of our country, any profession, and social group has a mobile phone, which means that “reaching out” the client will be quick and easy.

Bulk SMS gateway features

IntisTele company offers entrepreneurs a simple and functional SMS gateway software for creating and managing advertising campaigns. Using our server, you can:
Quickly and easily make promotional bulk text messaging via the Internet. There is no need to install additional software, just sign up on the site, download customer / colleague contacts, define the task, and your recipients will get the message.
Connect any software to our SMS gateway server, which will allow you to send SMS automatically directly from website, online stores, online services, CRM systems, and other software.
Attract new customers using our numbers’ database for SMS mailing, which is segmented by region and mobile operator.
Launch mass SMS messages in a few minutes, send messages via the Internet from our website or via the API. Notify customers about promotions and discounts, automate the sending of messages from your app, CRM, site.

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