FAQ: General questions

General questions regarding our SMS services and features of WEB platform, SMPP and HTTP API.

Do you provide ready-made contact lists and mailing lists?

Intis Telecom do not provide contact databases to any person or organisation for any purpose. According to the law in most countries, a subscriber must provide explicit consent to receive SMS from you. For more details, please refer to our ‘Terms of Use’. For any advice on the legality of sending SMS within or to a specific country, contact our technical support team at support@intistele.com

Do I need to pay for an allocated Sender ID?

Usually they are allocated for free but mobile operators in some countries may charge a monthly fee for a dedicated Sender ID and many require Sender IDs to be pre-registered

How can I upload my contact list or my own subscriber database?

You can upload your contact list either manually or via the ‘clipboard’ function within your account in our online portal. .xls, .xlsx, .csv and txt file are all supported

Do you allow the sending of SMS to or from short numbers (also known as short codes), for example 12345?

No, we don’t support this. Short numbers are typically associated with Premium rate services, an area we do not work in

What do the ‘sent’, ‘delivered’ and ‘expired’ statuses mean?

‘Delivered’ means that the message has been delivered to the subscriber’s phone. Note that while this status means the message has reached its destination, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has been read.

‘Non-delivered’ means that the message has failed to be delivered to the subscriber’s phone and no further delivery attempts will be made.

Possible reasons for non-delivery:

  • a non-existent number;
  • the subscriber is blocked or has a negative account balance;
  • the subscriber has set “Bar incoming calls and SMS”.

‘Expired’ means that the message hasn’t been delivered. Several attempts were made to deliver the message to the subscriber’s phone, but they failed during the message lifetime.

Possible reasons:

  • the phone was turned off or was out of the network coverage during the message lifetime;
  • the phone memory was full, and the subscriber didn’t free it up during the message lifetime;
  • multiple failures in the cellular network equipment while trying to send a message to the subscriber.

‘Sent’ means that attempts are being made to deliver the message. This status is temporary and may change over time.

Possible reasons:

  • the phone is switched off or out of network coverage;
  • the current status of the message hasn’t yet been received from the SMS centre.

All statuses except ‘Sent’ are final.

Can I send messages to other countries? Which operators do you deliver messages to?

We deliver messages to subscribers of almost all mobile operators around the world. Thanks to direct contracts with major mobile operators and SMS aggregators, Intis Telecom provides truly comprehensive, global access for the delivery of your Marketing, Transactional and Informative content

What are the benefits of using text messaging?

Sending text messages is currently one of the most effective ways to inform large groups of people. SMS is supported on 100% of mobile phones. These notifications get much more attention from users than messages from instant messenger services or email.

With the help of SMS, you can effectively inform your clients about current problems and promote new services, notify employees about corporate news and keep in touch with partners for cooperation and new business ventures.

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