Our SMS Solutions

SMS is the perfect channel for helping to keep people and premises safe and secure

It’s easy to overlook the power of something that has been in front of you for nearly 30 years. Something you feel comfortable and at ease with. Something that drives a real sense of urgency. That’s SMS.

When it comes to keeping people safe especially, you need to use a channel that people will actually respond to. It’s not about how funky it is. SMS doesn’t shout about itself from the rooftops. It unobtrusively goes about its business rapidly, getting results other channels can only dream of. With an average of 98% of successfully delivered SMS actually being read (the majority within 5 minutes) it’s no wonder then that SMS is one of the fastest growing B2C and B2B communications channels globally

Security Firm
Alarm alewrt 06:05:32 pm at Flower shop Churchill street. Cancelation code 'yellow'
Secure Storage
Admission with card ID 2569 into lot 238A at 12:00:42
Flood Warning
ALERT: Flood Warning for Skelmersdale. High water point expected at 2AM on Monday January 4
Satelite Tracking
BMW vehicle #256 has left the car park. ID 36523498 09:25:32
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