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Full control over the process of SMS mailouts and measuring results

Your customers can get full reports on whether messages were delivered or not and overall statistics on the volume of sent, delivered and undelivered messages.
An intellectual text-processing of incoming messages lets your clients run a two-way communication via our SMS channel.

Handy recipient list manager with rich options

There are various ways to arrange proper telephone numbers into recipient lists. Your customers will be able to not only create such lists but also combine them or subtract contacts from them.
Beside this, our texting app has also wide range of tools, like duplicate removal tool, stop-lists and customer list filters.

Full control over the process of SMS mailouts and measuring results

Our platform is universal: it works both with aggregators and SIM-card hubs. Text messages can be sent to any national mobile networks through the industry standard protocol SMPP or HTTP requests.
Your customers can have an access to their accounts from the web at any time. User data will be backed up automatically, so personal account at Intis Telecom is a safe place to run SMS campaigns.

SMS campaign scheduler

Another enjoyable option of our platform is a sending text messages to recipients according to their time zones. It can seriously increase your customers’ mailout results as messages won’t be received by recipients at inappropriate time for them.
If your clients text their mobile subscribers to incite them to call at some number, then they may appreciate our even distribution option. It means that all text messages won’t be sent at the same time. So your clients’ call centers won’t be swamped by storm calls.

Template manager and personalization abilities

Your customers can minimize their routine by creating templates. Moreover, the combination of this option with personalization features can help your clients send out extremely timely and personal messages, like birthday congratulations, expiry notifications, appointment reminders and the list may go on and on.

Easy ways of account funding

Your clients can top up their accounts with any popular payment services, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal or Skrill.


We provide our platfrom with two options: monthly rental fee and a lifetime license
€ 600
monthly license
€ 19.850
lifetime license

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