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What tasks is SMS marketing suitable for?

Staying in touch ‍

SMS marketing is suitable for most businesses in the b2c sector. These include offline business; from car repair shops, and pizza delivery services to clinics or banks. They may also be used by online business; from multiplayer games and information services to online stores and car-sharing. ‍ ‍


The most common way in which SMS is used is to authorise an online order, appointment or registration for a service. As they need to receive a message, the user indicates their real phone number, which they use every day. For comparison, if you take email, many people, fearing spam create a separate address for registration and never read what comes into it. Apple, in its fight for privacy, has even implemented “one-off” registration addresses in its operating systems, that don’t require the user to disclose their real email address.

More advanced uses of SMS include sending order dispatch notifications, dental appointment reminders, credit card purchase notifications or low balance reminders for subscription services.

Well, why should we work with you?

We are the experts

We have been working in this market for over 10 years and we support more than 200 operators and aggregators around the world. We have direct contracts with 80 of them, we also get good discounts for wholesale; as a result, it is usually cheaper and easier to send via us than to negotiate agreements with each operator individually.

Top notch infrastructure

We use only fast and reliable communication channels and SMS gateways for our work with mobile operators. We don’t save personal data on server locations. They are stored on the best data centres and use reliable broadband communication channels to access operator gateways.

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