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Why SMS, not e-mail or messengers?

To receive push notifications, E-mail and messages in instant messengers, the Internet is required, and it can be turned off. SMS will be delivered anyway.

SMS is often the only thing on which sound notifications are not disabled. All important messages that need a prompt response should be sent via SMS.





Open rates for SMS mail-outs are up to 50%, whereas for email marketing they are lower than 5%. As a result, a 60% saving which leads to a 10-folds drop in effectiveness is no real saving at all.

Well, why should we work with you?

Integration opportunities

Intis Telecom’s service can be integrated into the software you need. There are ready-made SMS distribution modules for CRM, 1C Bitrix, and even a plugin for Microsoft Office, which allows you to send SMS to the database directly from Microsoft Excel.

API & SDK available

For site developers, applications and services there is REST API. For many programming languages, such as php, C #, Perl, Rubi, Delphi, Java, Visual Basic and Python, there is an SDK available that speeds up the process even more.

Top notch infrastructure

We only use fast and reliable communication channels and SMS gateways to reach mobile operators. We don’t cut costs on hosting our servers. They are located in secure data centres which use reliable broadband communication channels and operator gateways.

To improve delivery rates and make even greater savings, we recommend updating databases using our HLR request service or using the delivery statistics of previous SMS mail-outs in your personal account.

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