Marketing helps brands promote themselves, attract customers, and increase their profits. To achieve these goals, you need to find effective tools, new techniques and, of course, become more knowledgeable about the field. To help you, you could take various courses, attend workshops, or read up on the subject. Today we want to talk about what reading material is out there.

There is a lot of professional literature about marketing. However, not every book will give you new insights or help you understand the topics you need. Because of this, we’ve decided to prepare a list of 5 books about marketing, which, in our view, are among the best in modern literature.

Edward Brierty wrote his “Business Marketing” for those who want to put theory into practice, so this work, filled with exhaustive theory, offers readers a lot of successful examples of companies that have implemented their own strategies to boost sales in various markets. The book will be useful both for currently active marketers and businessmen, as well as for students and teachers.

“Marketing to the Social Web” by Larry Weber talks about marketing, taking into account modern realities. It teaches you how to interest customers, create consumer communities and reveals a lot of marketing secrets. The main audience for this book is marketers.

“Word of Mouth Marketing” by Andy Sernovitz. This book looks at the eponymous ancient promotional tool which is both reliable and low tech. This book shows you how to generate a buzz around your brand among potential customers and how to use this buzz to promote your brand.

It will be useful not only for marketers who want to up their game, but also for businessmen who want to cut their promotion costs.

“Marketing payback” by Robert Shaw and David Merrick is a great source of knowledge about how marketing analytics and effective marketing techniques work, and how to increase overall marketing efficiency. The book will be useful to everyone; marketers, market analysts, advertisers, financiers and executives.

Phil Barden, “Decoded. The science behind why we buy”. An engaging look at marketing from the point of view of psychology, neurobiology, neurology and social psychology. The book focuses on real brands and the advertising campaigns of well-known companies. It tells about the logic behind buyers’ thought processes while they mature towards making a purchase. It is useful for those who want to understand customers better, as well as those who just want to understand the mechanics of sales and how exactly brands push consumers to buy.