SMS mail-outs continue to be relevant. Companies often use this marketing tool to advertise their products and keep customers informed. We’ve already written about how important it is to organize your SMS mail-out correctly. Here are some more tips that will help you make them more successful.

Sustain the Structure

We recommend you always to follow a straightforward structure. This is so the recipient can always know in advance where to find information on discounts or the addresses of shops. For example, you can first write about a discount, next which store it is in, then give addresses and contacts.

Make Your Client Feel Appreciated

Try to make your messages personalized, so that each offer is unique to each customer. Show that you care about clients and remember their important dates, such as birthdays. For example, if your company organizes weddings, you can send old clients congratulatory messages on their wedding anniversaries and offer them discounts on the services of your photographer.

Don’t Forget about the Brand

No matter how well written the text of an SMS mail-out is, you shouldn’t forget that the brand is selling itself. And a mail-out is a way to convey the right information to potential customers. Be sure to indicate the brand name in the text the same way as it occurs on shop signs and products, so that clients can see at a glance where exactly they should go for their discount.

Stay One-step Ahead of the Client

You are a professional and you know exactly what questions a person who has received a message from you may have. Try to anticipate in advance what information is needed by a potential customer.

Always be Relevant

It is important to remember about relevance of your offer. After all, in the first place it appeal to your client. Even if you sell winter coats in August at super prices, it’s unlikely that people who are looking for swimsuits will run to you for a ski jacket.

Following these simple tips and applying your experience, you can make your SMS mail-out more efficient and successful. And Intis Telecom solutions will help you to get it organized.