If you clicked here thinking we were about to give you tips on bodybuilding and nutrition – something some of the Intis team COULD do if you REALLY wanted them to – then we’re sorry, but do stick with us here!

Millions of organisations and billions of individuals around the world will be sending and receiving SMS today. Many people might not consciously give this digital channel much thought though. It’s not because they don’t like it. It’s not because they don’t find it of value. And it’s not because they don’t understand it. The opposite is in fact true.

It’s simply because SMS has become so known by people, accepted, comfortable and easy to use, it has slipped (as if by magic) into the subconscious of people. It’s part of our lives. But it did not get there overnight. It took some hard work, some strange turns in the road and some luck.

Any organisation you can think of today is missing a trick if they are not already using SMS for the delivery of their marketing, transactional and informative content. The Intis team can tell you that. We power the Business (A2P – Application-to-Person) SMS sending for so many SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) around the world and see each day how our clients benefit from it. Their conversion rates increase. Their own customers’ satisfaction increases. Their revenues and margin increases. It wasn’t always like this though.

The SMS story begins in the mid-1980s when the idea was conceived: a one-way means for mobile operators to update their customers about planned network downtime and the like. The first SMS was actually sent on December 3rd 1992 in the UK. By the early 2000s SMS was getting into its stride and had morphed into a 2-way Person-to-Person communications powerhouse.

The business SMS story really began just over 20 years ago when the first dedicated aggregators of it sprang up and the focus was fairly and squarely on sending out generic marketing messages in bulk batches. Get it. Bulk SMS. The content wasn’t customised, it was rather more about quantity than quality. How times change.

Today the art of business messaging is becoming increasingly refined and there is a strong realisation by those making the investment in content delivery that the end game has to be trust between them and their customers and the building of valuable, long-term relationships. Personalisation is a critical component in succeeding here and the days of “Bulk SMS” as we knew them have had to phase out, morphing into something very different. Yes, gone for the most part but not forgotten.

So, whether you call it Bulk SMS, Mass SMS, Mass Messaging, Business SMS, A2P SMS, B2C SMS or B2B SMS, Cloud Communications or CPaaS, the humble SMS has attained serious value in the customer engagement world. Sure, it lacks colour, visual impact. A bit flat and grey it might be but it is now something nobody would ever have believed if we were to have said it 10 years ago – it is cool. Very cool. Let Intis Telecom show you everything it can do for your organisation. And that you will find, will be rather a lot…