Christmas and New Year advertising is given great importance every year. Marketers compete against each other to create an atmosphere of wonder in an effort to attract buyers to their products. Let’s see what is popular this year.

One of the main trends in advertising this Christmas has become interpersonal communication, friends and family. For brands catering to a b2b audience, this means emphasising relationships within the team. The more person-centred the holiday advertising campaign, the more chance it has of becoming popular this season.

Perhaps this emphasis on family, friends and solidarity is due to the prolonged isolation of the lockdowns many of us experienced this year, during which we had to re-learn how to communicate with our immediate family, whether this was because it was impossible to meet them in person, or because we were stuck within four walls with the same small group of people for months and had to re-learn how to get along.

Ethical consumption has long been a feature of many brands’ advertisements. Right now, the eco-theme is trending. Even if this has little to do with Christmas and New Year, brands are happy to use eco-stories for their advertising campaigns.

This trend has probably also come to the fore because of the pandemic, during which the consumption of plastic has increased significantly due to the widespread use of disposable protective and medical items.

Advent calendars have become very popular this year. Marketers are going overboard thinking up original ideas to make their product stand out. A conventional looking calendar might hide cosmetics, or challenges might be issued online. The originality of the calendars depends only on the limits of the imagination.

This year, the pandemic is dictating its own rules, but for many this has made the holiday season all the more important as people put an increased value on spending time with their families and creating a festive mood as a distraction from what has been a difficult year. If you have already decided on your advertising campaign for the Holiday Season, then it’s time to start putting it into practice.

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