SMS marketing is one of the most widespread advertising tools, but some people still have misunderstandings about it and underestimate power of SMS mail-outs. Let’s try to figure out whether some popular ideas about SMS marketing are fact or fiction.

SMS Mail-outs Are Always Spam

Everyone who has email knows about spam or, in other words, unauthorized mail. We can’t say that anyone likes it. Unfortunately, it has started to permeate SMS mail-outs too. However, you shouldn’t think that every text message which is sent to you from different companies is spam. So how do you ensure that people don’t decide that your SMS mail-outs are junk mail?

First of all, you need to have an opt-in mechanism. Your subscribers should give you their agreement to get your text messages. Next, you shouldn’t be annoying and send SMS to your clients every five minutes. Only provide information about interesting promotions, events or offers. Of course, you need to write attractive messages.

SMS Marketing Is Suitable Only for Mobile Phones and Cellular Communications Promotion

It is the silliest fallacy that we’ve ever heard. We don’t know how this myth was born, but maybe it started with inexperienced marketers who didn’t know the whole tool set available for marketing promotion.

In fact, SMS marketing can be used to promote absolutely all companies that occupy any niche in the market. Text messages have already been used by companies of different types such as producers of food and soft drinks, car dealerships, transportation services, prominent car manufacturers, etc.

You can read how to use SMS marketing for different businesses promotions in our blog.

It Makes No Sense to Use SMS Marketing when Other Channels for Promotion Are Already Established

The most important advantage of SMS marketing is the possibility of feedback. Also, this type of promotion is personified. You can skip a commercial on TV or change channel, on-line advertising and promotional articles in a magazine or newspaper can just be scrolled through, whereas a leaflet or brochure can be thrown away without being read.

But text messages that came to your personal phone are read in 90% of cases. Another plus is the ability to immediately adjust the promotion, because you can track its effectiveness by looking at the percentage of recipients who respond. If this is low, you can change something.

Potential of SMS Marketing is Limited

It may seem that this is true. If you have only text messages, they can be not enough for an extensive promotion. But we hasten to refute this fallacy.

SMS can be used in a great variety of ways and many different objectives can be achieved with its help. SMS-technology can be adapted to develop a bespoke solution to the to the task in hand, giving the promotion in a specialized format. This may be a quiz or poll, SMS-games,or a complex prize-draw program. Everything depends on your imagination.

We have tried to explain some common misconceptions and show that you shouldn’t be afraid to use SMS marketing to promote your business, whatever it is. SMS marketing will be a popular advertising tool for a long time. If you feel that you are ready to use text messaging to promote your business, then you can find the method right for you on our website.