Copywriting is one of the most important components of marketing. The skill of writing beautifully, clearly and convincingly allows you to attract the attention of customers and make any marketing campaign successful. It is also important for SMS marketing. Of course, you don’t need to write large texts for SMS mail-outs, but you still have to master the art of copywriting.

Why is copywriting important for SMS marketing?

  • Even the shortest text message is a text.
  • You must be able to write texts which are short while at the same time attractive . After all, you have only 160 characters to make your case.
  • From the very first words, your text should interest customers.
  • Your text messages should contain a call to action.
  • The main purpose of your SMS mail-outs is to sell the product.

So how can you start to write effective texts? Here are some tips:

It’s not enough to put words into beautiful phrases and sentences. You need to show clients what exactly they can get. That’s why you need to speak about results and reputation.

The result should be something tangible. Your client should understand what kind of result they can expect and at what cost.

“You will speak like a native speaker after our three-month Spanish course”

Reputation is an important factor for any business that everyone values. Show how your product or service can enhance your customer’s reputation.

“The confidence of your foreign partners will increase if you speak to them in their language without interpreters. Our Spanish course can help you to do this”

You should remember that your text should interest customers from the very first words.

In sales, there is the rule of three “yeses”. When the seller asks the customer these three questions one after the other,they will definitely answer “yes”. The fourth question in such cases is decisive, for example, “Would you like to  make out the order?” Or “Shall I start to prepare the documents?”. Usually the client responds positively by inertia.

This rule can be slightly modified and applied to copywriting:

  1. Voice the goal or task to the client.
  2. Name 2 actions that the client should do correctly.
  3. Hint that we can do even better and say how much.
  4. Offer a specific option.

“You have already earned a reputation as a prestigious company, and to maintain this status regularly conduct training courses and master classes for staff. The next step, which will attract more customers, is Spanish courses for employees”

Don’t forget that the texts sent to clients is your face. Learn to write so that all your advantages reach the client, and the flaws go unnoticed. You can’t offer  next day delivery delivery? Write that your company is proud of its reliable and secure delivery. Do you have high prices? Write that your exclusive restaurant is well suited for special occasions. One of you products is not in demand? Say that this product is for owners of exquisite taste.

Copywriting is important for all those who write for a readership, especially for those who do SMS mail-outs. By learning to write attention-grabbing texts, you can attract more customers.

Finally, here are some more tips for you:

  1. Write as if you are leading a friendly confidential conversation.
  2. Use words that are easily spoken.
  3. Alternate narrative, affirmative and interrogative sentences. (Another business trip to Mexico. The language barrier is losing you contracts. Would you like to learn Spanish?)
  4. Use different punctuation marks. (Exclamation marks etc)
  5. In one sentence, state one thought.
  6. Use words that activate the organs of perception. (Hear the sweet sound of success)
  7. Use emoji to produce the “liveliness” of speech (if this is appropriate).
  8. Use numbers to make you sound better. (We sell 5,000 burgers a day)
  9. Read your text out loud before you send it.

These ideas will be explained and explored in our future post.