The most important advantage of text messaging is their reach. To receive an SMS message, the client doesn’t need to install any additional applications on his smartphone (you don’t even need a smartphone,any mobile phone will do) also there is no need to be in an area with mobile a Internet coverage.

SMS marketing can be used in a variety of spheres and sectors of business. Companies are faced with many temptingly effortless ways to attract customers cheaply. For example, sending out mass mailings to arbitrarily selected groups of people who haven’t consented to receiving messages. The effect of such “marketing” can be the direct opposite of that required. You might receive complaints on social media, angry posts which mention of your company, irritable calls, all leading to damage to your reputation. It is necessary to treat SMS-marketing professionally. For all its simplicity, this tool has to be set up carefully, to not only solve immediate tasks, but also build long-term relationships with customers.

Before you start an SMS campaign, determine if you really need this approach to advertising and whether it is effective for you. Be sure to prioritize and assign tasks making them S.M.A.R.T.:

Specific – With a clear idea of exactly what needs to be achieved.

Measurable – If the indicator is quantitative, then it is necessary to identify the units of measurement, if qualitative, then it is necessary to identify a benchmark standard for reference.

Achievable – Is this goal realistic? Is it possible to achieve it at all?

Relevant – Will achievement of the task help to achieve your overall objectives? It is important to make sure that this task is really necessary.

Time-bound – Set a deadline before which the goal must be achieved.

After these simple yet important actions, you will be able to see clearly whether SMS mail-out can help you and whether it is worth starting your project.