The undeniable advantage of text messaging is quick delivery to subscribers, regardless of the model of their phone. Yes, digital technologies are moving forward by leaps and bounds, but still not everyone has constant access to internet messengers. To get your message out to all potential customers, SMS mail-outs are an essential tool in promoting your goods and services.

When you take on something new and unknown, worries may arise that something may not work out and could go wrong. What concerns might people have before embarking on an SMS marketing campaign, and how can we address them?

Fear 1. What if clients don’t want to give their phone numbers?

The client is the same as you. Think about the conditions in which you would agree to give your phone number to a company. A win-win option is to offer some kind of feature like a discount in exchange for personal data. The value of this sweetener should leave clients a little happier. Try to create an association between your product and the goal that they want to achieve. For example, if your clients are language students, offer them a discount on lessons that will ‘help [them] speak French like a Parisian’. Help them get one step closer to their dreams, and you can win the trust of your clients.

Fear 2. What happens if I put in a lot of effort and spend a lot of money, but there is no result?

When you start something new, there is always the risk of not succeeding. But there is also a high probability of success. So, you should try. But first, you should study the issue and get acquainted with all the nuances. Read the necessary laws, learn which service is better to choose, find how and when to send messages and look through statistics and polls that various marketers have conducted.

If we are talking about SMS marketing statistics, then 94% of SMS messages are read within the first 5 minutes of their delivery (and 99% are opened eventually). These numbers help to convince us that “the game is worth the candle.”

Fear 3. I don’t know what to write in SMS messages. Do I need to hire a specially trained marketer?

It isn’t necessary to hire a specialist, you can try to figure everything out yourself first. To start with, you need to determine the tasks that SMS marketing will solve, and your main objective. This can be a mass advertising campaign for a new product, an announcement of discounts, a message about the status of the ordered goods,confirmation of registration, etc.

Take a piece of paper and a pen and write down your thoughts. While thinking through the text, bear in mind your objectives. If there are several of them, then there should be several chains of SMS messages.

It is worth remembering that your message should be informative and attract the attention of customers. You can read more about how to write messages for SMS mail-outs here.

So, have no fear, if you follow our instructions, your SMS marketing campaign should succeed.

The next installment in our series will tell you about more potential pitfalls that may come up when planning your first SMS campaign, so watch this space!