A lot of people have heard about geo targeting, and some of them have even successfully applied to promote their products and services on the Internet. As information about this concept is still a little hard to come by let’s begin by outlining what geo targeting is and how it can be used in SMS marketing. This technology is in its infancy, and many of its capabilities have not yet been fully exploited. We expect to hear more about it in the next few years.

General information

Geo targeting is one of the various types of online advertising which use the geographical position of users. It is limited to a specific country, region or city, or even building.

The main goal of geo targeting is to increase the efficiency of advertising messages by targeting audiences in specific markets.

This involves the finding of users’ regions by their IP-addresses. It allows you to pinpoint a chosen audience and focus efforts on a small group.

Geo targeting allows:

  • more efficient advertising campaigns as conversion rates are higher, meaning users are more likely to turn into buyers;
  • a reduction in the cost of advertising;
  • the nearest sales office to be quickly identified;
  • users to see only advertising messages which are relevant for their region, with their local office’ contact details.

The main principle of geo targeting is the processing of users’ location data. This is determined by the IP address. Depending on the goals and objectives of the advertiser, advertising can be shown in a particular region or city. Geo targeting allows a reduction in the cost of marketing promotions, while maximizing client flows generated.

Geo targeting and SMS

SMS mail-outs using geo targeting (Geo SMS) is an innovative service that has just started to gain popularity, but has already shown that it can be useful.

The main principle of geo SMS is to send an advertising message to subscribers who are currently in a chosen place. This form of advertising allows you to inform your customers about new shop inventory, address changes, the opening of new stores and offices, as well as various promotions, etc. Once potential customers are in the immediate vicinity, they will receive a message from you:

“We’ve opened a new store at XXX”

“Only today, discounts on all products 20%”

Also, you can choose a specific place, be it a city, a neighbourhood or even a street. In the case of large shopping centres, it is often possible to target a particular building. For example, a sporting goods store looking for a target audience can pick a gym where its products may be in demand. Mobile subscribers in this gym, and in its immediate vicinity, will receive the messages.

Geo SMS have only just started gaining popularity in SMS marketing, but they have already proven themselves as a reliable tool for advertising. Their uses are much wider than we described in our article. The main thing is to determine what goals you want to achieve, and then implement them in your marketing campaign.