November is a critical time for advertisers when reaching your audience seems easy and hard at the same time. Do you think your potential customers can check out all Black Monday or Cyber Monday offers? The flow of ads and best deals makes it rather hard for them to keep up with thousands of sales and specials. On the other hand, while people get ready for their hunt for best deals, you can benefit from their willing-to-buy-a-lot attitude.


Sounds tricky, doesn’t it? However, you can stay relevant even during this extremely rough holiday season by delivering offers and updates right to your customers’ phones. Google is testing a new ad format that delivers special offers to target groups via text messaging. The promotional messages 1) deliver the information instantly and 2) allow your customers to subscribe to a specially designed Google service that offers products people are interested in.


The point is that consumers don’t need to search for “special Cyber Monday offers” or “Black Friday deals” in the search engine every time they want to keep up with updates. After subscribing, they will receive relevant text messages from Google on their phones. It makes the whole holiday sales hunting process more efficient both for you and the consumers.


For those concerned about their privacy: phone numbers will remain private and won’t be given to any third parties.


You can give this option a try now by texting “JOIN” to one of the following phone numbers:

  • For Black Friday – 847-904-0608
  • For Cyber Monday – 847-906-8958
  • For Holiday deals – 847-904-0596