For SMS mail-outs, a good text is just as important as having a well-defined target audience and the right timing. Your text should interest subscribers. But what should you do if you get writer’s block, you run out of ideas, lack inspiration and every letter of your message seems to require superhuman effort? We’ve put together some helpful tips for you.

Clean up the infospace

Nowadays we are surrounded by a lot of information. We might say that there is too much of it. This information isn’t always useful, often it is just junk facts that only confuse and clog your head.

Therefore, your first step should be to get rid of any distractions. For a while, disconnect from all channels from which you usually learn what is going on in the world. This will allow you to avoid being distracted from your work, and also remove the temptation to repeat other people’s ideas. After all, you are trying to generate something new, of your own, unique.


Create a new document on your computer, or use a piece of paper and a pencil to jot down your ideas. Write whatever comes to your mind concerning the topic you want, even if at first glance your ideas seem crazy. At this stage, it is important to let your imagination run free.

Have the ideas been written down? Fine. Now you can look at them more thoroughly and eliminate the most risqué or crazy ones. After that, only the most practical and suitable options should remain on your list.

A short description

At this stage, you need to describe in more detail each of your ideas. Try to write a short text for each of them revealing its essence. After that, remove from the list those which were difficult and uninteresting to work on. If it was so hard put them onto paper at this stage, it won’t get any easier later on.

As a result, you should be left with the most interesting and viable options.

Share with others

This step is optional, but if you have people who you can discuss your ideas with, then ask them for feedback on your ideas.

Send the resulting list to your colleagues or friends, let them highlight whatever they find most interesting. It is best if your “expert group” resembles as much as possible your target audience. This approach can help you understand what will grab the attention of your potential customers.


When you have received feedback and analyzed the information, it is time to start your main work. Now you can turn your ideas into a finished text that you can send out to your subscribers.

Having produced a text, you can return to your newsfeed to look for additional information, expert opinions, etc.

After the text for your SMS mail-out is ready, you can set a convenient time to send it out in your Intis Telecom account. You can also save ready-made text templates that you often use in your bulk SMS.