When customers buy your products they raise recognition of your company. Of course, attracting new customers is one of the main elements of success for any business. We’ve already written about how to write SMS to attract clients, but this topic never ends. New ways and features for attracting customers appear every day.Today we’ve decided to talk about some of them.

Use a Lead Magnet

What is a lead magnet? This is free, or conditionally free offer to attract potential customers to make the first sale. This lead magnet can offer a free consultation, a gift or a free trial period.

Message Chains

We’ve told you that your messages should be short, because people can switch off when you send them huge SMS with a lot of text. What can you do if you want to tell them about your products in detail? Send a series of message. For example, you can send one fact about your product to subscribers every week. To warm up the interest of your customers, you can also specify when the next message will be sent.

Hold a dialogue with Customers

Don’t let your SMS mail-outs be one-sided. Communicate with your clients; answer their questions or ask questions of your own. This is a good way to get feedback and raise customers loyalty. How can you do this? You can include in your message a link to your website where they can easily enter a chat dialogue with you. On the other hand, you can do this directly via SMS, using the ready-made Intis Telecom solution – 2ways.

Be Professional

Of course, you are professional. Now you need to show this to your customers. How? It’s simple. Send them text messages with advice and life hacks from your professional sphere. However, there is one condition; this information shouldn’t be published on any of your other resources. This makes your advice more valuable and subscribers will eagerly wait for your messages.

Don’t Forget about Variety

Try to vary the content of your messages; add in SMS QR-codes, coupons, links to videos, pictures, games, podcasts and books. This will attract traffic to your website, social networks, video channel, etc, and increase audience involvement. Experiment with different forms of content to effectively attract clients’ attention to your SMS mail-outs.

Try to stand out; let this be the feature of business. Choose the best option for you or combine different ideas to make your SMS mail-out more successful and attractive.