Every business has moments when it needs to expand its client database. At these times, the question immediately arises of the best way of doing this.

Everyone understands the need not only to attract the attention of potential clients and interest them in a product or service, but also to get their contact details so that you can send them relevant information about your brand.

Your website or social media page offers opportunities to easily gather the contact details of potential clients without breaking any laws. What can you offer potential customers in exchange for their phone numbers on your mailing lists? We’ve selected several options that may help you.

Useful content

One option is to offer useful content. If you have it, of course. What could it be?

  • Introductory online lessons
  • Professional literature
  • Check lists
  • Trial courses

Your customers may be grateful for the opportunity to expand their knowledge and they may leave you their contact details.

“We always support developing skills. Therefore, we would like to give you the opportunity to become even better in your professional field. Fill out a short form and get Philip Kotler’s ebook ‘Marketing Basics’ absolutely free”

Entertaining content

Giving your clients the opportunity to have a good time is priceless. You could open up access to your resources, or you could collaborate with someone, but the result will be the same; customers will appreciate your efforts.

For example, you could give your subscribers a temporary free subscription to an online movie theater. You must decide the terms of this offer yourself. However, making it available for a week might be a nice bonus. You could follow the path of Epic Games and give free games to your subscribers. They saw a significant increase in customers after they launched the free distribution of GTA 5.

If you don’t have the opportunity for such generous gestures, you could always launch an online quiz on your website. These days, they are very popular.

Something personal

Also, personal communication may come to help you expand your clients database. In exchange for a potential customer’s number, you could offer a webinar or personal consultation on your professional business. This can allow potential customers to get acquainted with you and your services.

Discounts and bonuses

This is one of the most common ways to revamp a client database. In exchange for a subscription, you could offer customers discounts, coupons and bonuses on purchases of your goods and services. This option doesn’t require great effort, but it can be effective.

“Subscribe to our SMS mail-outs and get up to a 50% discount on purchases in August”

Whatever approach to expanding the subscriber database you choose, make sure that it suits your business and your target audience. And for easy and quick organisation of SMS mail-outs, you can use the services of Intis Telecom.