The success of any SMS mail-out primarily depends on how unique your proposition to clients will be. You have to offer them something really worthwhile to grab their attention and encourage them to buy a product or service. So let’s figure out together how to create a unique proposition.


The unique selling proposition (USP) is the marketing strategy of explaining to customers why one’s own brand or product is superior to its competitors.

A lot depends on a properly composed USP; the number of sales, audience loyalty, and even your reputation. It follows that it should contain several conditions:

  1. A specific proposition (no need to scatter the attention of clients, tell them what exactly you want to offer them, for example, not just foreign language courses, but Spanish courses for lawyers).
  2. A Unique proposition (you should stand out from the competitors. For example, if you offer a language study guide that no one else uses, be sure to mention it).
  3. A Strong proposition (it should involve customers in the purchase of a product or service).

Emotions are also an important factor in a good USP. There is even a name for this type of propositions, which affect the emotions of clients and appeal to their subconsciousness – ESP (Emotional selling proposition).

Success factors

The success of your USP can depend on many factors, here are the most important ones:

  1. Durability. Your product or service should be relevant not just ephemerally, but over a long period of time, otherwise income and customer loyalty will be limited.
  2. Realism. When composing your USP, do not overdo it. Try to convey a message to your customers that seems reasonable, otherwise they will just think that you are scammers and will not turn to you. An example of an unrealistic USP is; “You will completely master the Spanish language from scratch in three months”. An example of a realistic USP is; “In three months you will start speaking Spanish”. Most people understand that it’s impossible to completely learn a new foreign language from scratch in three months. However, to speak, at a basic level, using simple phrases, is quite realistic.
  3. Brevity. There is no need to describe your USP with huge tracts of text. You should grab their attention in a few words. M&M’s has a good example of such a proposition; “Melt in your mouth, not in your hand”.
  4. Call to action. It’s important to provoke clients to buy a product or service, to induce or motivate them. An ideal call to action includes; an action, a deadline, and a benefit. For example, “Sign up for a course today and get 2 free lessons”.

Work on a USP is a laborious process. You study your target audience, its needs, describe your product to make it relevant to them and much more. In the end, when you have developed a good USP, you can safely present it in front of an audience. To do this, you can use bulk messages, which are easy to create on the Intis Telecom platform. You just need to go through a free registration to get access to this huge functionality that allows you to manage and analyse your SMS mail-outs .