If you have recently opened a company, SMS mail-outs can become an indispensable assistant to promote your brand and increase the number of customers. Let’s see how you can use SMS messages.


Different competitions such as quizzes, lotteries etc, can help you to bulk out your base and find new clients. Also, you can  raise your brand’s profile and interest customers. If you already have a database of clients, you can send them SMS mail-out quizzes directly. You can also place advertisements for the contest on radio or television, or print on banners, making the main condition for participation subscription to your SMS mail-outs.

Discounts for subscription

You can give discounts to customers who subscribe to your SMS mail-outs. This can help you to compile a database and to increase loyalty. Also, this can stimulate clients to buy or use services at your company.

Run a product or service

Customers who subscribe to your SMS mail-outs should gain certain advantages. For example, you can tell them early  about the launch of a new product or service. This can help them to feel their importance to you.

You can send important information about new developments  in your company via SMS; new loyalty programmes, changes to contact information, openings of new stores, etc. Don’t forget to send reminders and to confirm important actions such as registrations  on your website, purchases, dispatches of orders etc. Text messages are your best assistant in these tasks.

To understand all the niceties of SMS mail-outs, to customize them for the needs of your company, you can use the Intis Telecom’s platform. If you prefer to work directly from your desktop, rather than  from the browser, download our special plugin for Excel – SMS4Office.