Last time we talked about what reactivation is and why it’s sometimes needed. In this article, we want to continue the topic and talk about the kind of messages you can send to your “sleeping” subscribers to wake them up and give them a new lease of life.

New subscription settings. Update the way you send messages to these clients. Send them fewer SMS, as if your SMS mail-outs are not so frequent they will be less annoying. Of course, don’t forget to offer bonuses to these “sleeping” customers who are nevertheless still with you and haven’t opted-out.

We’ve missed you. This technique focuses on emotions. Show that you remember clients, and you aren’t just treating them as faceless numbers on a sending list. However, never criticise them for not having bought anything from you for a long time.

“We’ve missed you. Maybe you’ve been working hard. We’re giving you a 15% discount for the next month to help you unwind in the company of your favourite characters”

Don’t write like this:

“You haven’t renewed your subscription for so long that we miss you. You’ve probably forgotten about us. It’s time to come back. Here’s a 15% discount for next month’s subscription”

Omnichannel. If subscribers have stopped reacting to your SMS mail-outs and “fallen asleep”, it’s likely that this communication channel simply isn’t suitable for them. Yes, according to statistics, SMS messages are read by most phone users, but this doesn’t mean at all that they are for everyone. Your customers may prefer to receive promotional and informational messages in a different way. Offer them an alternative way to get information, such as email, social media or messenger services.

You can also use multiple channels at the same time. In your personal account on the Intis Telecom platform, you can send messages via Viber.

The service works very simply. From your account, you have to create a delivery or set a rule for sending messages. The system tries to find the client’s number from your list of Viber contacts. If it finds the number, it sends a message to Viber. After a 10 second wait, the service requests a message status. If the message can’t be delivered by Viber after this time, the service will send the SMS to the client in the usual way.

Last chance. Give your subscribers an attractive, time-limited offer. It can be a unique discount, special delivery conditions, or even something free (a trial lesson, product samples, a valuable gift with the order). Most importantly, your offer should be attractive to the client.

However, you don’t need to apply this approach all the time. Otherwise, from an effective technique with an attractive offer, it can turn into an attempt to put pressure on the client.

Create intrigue. Arousing curiosity in customers is a real art, especially if they have become “sleepers”. This approach can help wake them up. Create interest so they read your message. Create some kind of secret so that they go to your website or come to your offline office.

Waking up “sleeping” clients isn’t an easy task, but it’s doable. Sometimes database reactivation is necessary for many reasons; from reducing advertising costs to bringing customers back. There is no universal approach to this, so you will need to spend a lot of time and effort, but it’s worth it.