In whatever area you’ve decided to start a business, most likely you will be faced with many competitors, from whom you will need to stand out. Therefore, it’s very important to create a positive image of your company in the eyes of clients. Let’s look at a few options for how you can do this.

Have a unique product

You can offer a product or feature that is different from what your competitors are doing. This distinction can draw the attention of clients. For example, Burger King prepares burger patties using a special technology, so they are known all over the world for their whoppers.

The target audience

Of course, it’s always important to find your target audience so as not to waste funds on marketing campaigns that don’t hit the spot. When you’ve identified the right market segment, you can use positioning based on this type of clients. Determine who your product or service is suitable for and build a promotional strategy highlighting the uniqueness of your clients. Make them feel the best with your product.

This is exactly what Mercedes Benz and BMW have done. They have a lot in common; both car brands are from Germany, both are premium class and both provide high-end products. However, each of them has found its own loyal group of buyers. Mercedes focuses on customers who value comfort, while BMW focuses on those who value speed.


You can stand out among the mass of companies offering a similar product or service by price. There are various options; you can offer a lower price, while having a product that doesn’t differ much from others on the market, except for some insignificant and unimportant points, or, conversely, the price may be higher, but in exchange,your clients will receive a higher standard of service or a higher quality of product.

For example, low-cost airlines draw customers by offering the cheapest tickets on the market. For example, The Russian airline Pobeda offers lower prices than its competitors, but the ticket price doesn’t include on flight meals and the amount of luggage you can take with you is limited.

Be better than your competitors

Another way to stand out from your competitors is to highlight their weaknesses. This doesn’t mean at all that you should start insulting and humiliating them. This can only ruin your reputation. Focus on those clients’ needs that your competitors, unlike you, have been unable to solve.

A good example of this behaviour can be seen in Apple’s marketing campaign when it was making a name for itself on r the personal computer market. Their main competitor, which had already earned a reputation among its clients, was IBM. But the computers of this company were designed only for work. Apple, on the other hand, positioned its product more as entertainment.

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