SMS marketing has become an integral part of the advertising world and many companies hope it will retain its dominant position. With this in mind, we’ve decided to talk about how it can transform itself in the future, what technologies will be used and what will change for subscribers.

Messages with VR and AR technologies

The worlds of virtual and augmented reality are actively entering our lives. Soon, this technology can be applied to text messages. Just imagine that you are sent an advertising message about the opening of a new cafe or shop. With VR and AR technologies, you can walk around the room, look at the goods, smell and even feel the texture of objects.

Push-messages with pictures-roundabouts

This technology is quite simple and can be quickly implemented. A push-message is essentially a pop-up window on your smartphone. The user can reject the SMS or save it to the Inbox. Now subscribers only receive text push-messages. However, in a few years you will be able to receive messages with pictures-roundabouts as happens with in browsers.

Personalized notifications

The technology of targeted advertising can soon cross over to SMS mail-outs from social media. User data from social networks can allow you to plan advertising campaigns more carefully and send personalized notifications to a clearly defined group of people. For example, five out of twenty of your clients go jogging in the morning. Of course, it would be more efficient to only send messages with advertisements for new running shoes to these five people.

Until the future arrives, you can safely use the proven technologies of Intis Telecom; our platform, Excel plugin and other solutions. On our part, we promise that we will prepare new solutions that will meet the demands of the times.