One of the most expensive parts of running any organization might not be an obvious one. It’s not hiring professionals to aid your business expansion, bouncing back after a failed product launch or having physical premises. Often, the most expensive part of running your business boils down to this: indecision!

According to the Cambridge Dictionary the definition of indecision or indecisiveness is the state of being unable to make a choice. A vast array of very famous individuals and organization have come up with quotes on the subject, the most classic perhaps coming from none other than the Roman statesman, lawyer, scholar and philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero over 2,000 years ago: “More is lost by indecision than wrong decision. Indecision is the thief of opportunity. It will steal you blind.” And here at Intis Telecom, we cannot but agree with his words.

Delayed ideas can result in missed opportunities to make you more visible, come across new customers and indeed have a better chance of holding on to your existing clients. Meanwhile, bloated ideas can end up feeling so enormous and complicated, that getting them across the finish line often unravels into lengthy, expensive drama.

If you think about it, look around and it’s no wonder that our culture is wired for indecision. Across much of the world, we’re culturally conditioned to think that tiny decisions are actually super important. Think of using an electric toothbrush versus a manual. Or even which brand and type of toothpaste to use. And when best to actually brush one’s teeth. You get the idea.

Particularly when building something new, one of the hardest things to do is to get yourself out of your comfort zone. You need to get comfortable with risk and commitment. Perfectionism kills creativity, speed, and efficiency in the decision-making process. Self-doubt creeps in and then second guessing can wear down the ability to see something through – all decreasing your future decision-making confidence.

How you go about engaging with customers, prospects and other stakeholders has to move with the times. The days of people expecting and (more to the point) accepting one-way communication only from their providers of goods and services are long gone. That ship sailed years ago and the era of so-called conversational commerce is with us right now. Two-way communication is expected, as is versatility in the channels companies use to interface with us. So, using mobile digital channels that people are inherently comfortable with is a great way to go. But how easy is it really for organizations of any size or type to REALLY take advantage of what is around. Well, some things are easier than you might think. And you won’t need to spend ages making decisions. Case in point, SMS text messaging.

SMS is everywhere today. Billions of people use it each day around the world and in fact there are more active users of it than email. Who would have thought that? And it’s something generally without colour or fancy graphics. The hint is in the name – text messaging.

The facts are stark: 98% of people who receive an SMS actually read their messages, most within five minutes of receiving them. Include a link to a website, web-based form or the like and recipients are 400%+ more likely to click and follow the link than if it were embedded in an email. Speaking of which so many never read huge numbers of their emails. If you are getting 25% of your intended target audience’s eyes actually on your content then you are judged as doing well. But SMS is in the high 90s.

Mobile messaging companies with extensive experience and a loyal, expanding client following are successful because they make life very easy for their customers. They provide solutions which are easy to access, easy to manage, with the capability to send content globally rapidly. And all at a cost effective price. This is exactly what we do and how we operate here at Intis Telecom.

We’ve focused on business messaging for 13 years. With a loyal client following who recognize the value we bring to their businesses, our SMS and chat app solutions make it genuinely easy for you to send your customers content rapidly and accurately, allowing you to get on with doing what you do best – treating your customers with exceptional care, speaking to them all as individuals.