How deeply interconnected you are to the people you love and the people who care for you in return? We all like to think we have a good number of these connections in our lives and if brands play their cards right and offer superlative customer experience then they too could end up being viewed in exactly the same way. Brand loyalty is the name of the game but it’s a tough tightrope to walk to truly achieve that and get people connecting deeply with your brand on many levels.

Particularly given so many transactions have now moved online, the pandemic having helped accelerate this trend, there is a huge volume of data out there about us. But very little of it is actually being used like it could be.

At the end of the day, we all want to be treated as individuals by those providing us with goods and services and exactly how we are communicated with has a huge bearing on this. What channels are used. The frequency and timing of messages. Even the layout of a message. All these elements come into play and need to be aced.

If you are an SME business in particular (without a huge marketing and PR machine to rely on), then it is all too easy to be overfaced by all the mobile messaging channels available today. With so many options it is easy to be overwhelmed and to just carry on doing what you have always been doing. Think email in particular.

Email definitely has a place in the client communications stack of any organization looking to develop (new or existing) relationships but do you really now how little of your content sent out by email is ACTUALLY being read? A company is deemed as doing a great job if they can get this ratio to 25%. But with a little knowledge and a pointer in the right direction, any organization can exponentially improve this!

Walk around and it’s hard not to miss seeing somebody glued to the screen of their mobile phone. And odds on, they are not reading their email. Text messaging is where it is at today and if you get it right, you’ll have your customers reaching immediately for their devices once they see that flash, hear that beep or feel that vibration…

150 is the average number of times people look at their mobiles each day and one of the oldest messaging channels out there has a lot to do with driving this trend – SMS.

SMS is now in its 30th year and given how ubiquitous it is with over 5 billion people having access to it, more active SMS users than email users globally, no smartphone require, no internet connection required to send/receive it, you get the idea about exactly why so-called A2P SMS (Application-to-Person SMS – think B2C and B2B) transaction volumes are soaring.

So, if you are wanting to really get your customers and users on your side using something they are inherently comfortable with, then SMS is what you need to use. Chat apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber are great too but if simplicity and reachability is key then you will never go far wrong reaching for the humble SMS.

Here at Intis Telecom, we have been delivering text messages around the world rapidly and accurately for our ever-increasing number of enterprise clients for well over a decade. Our SMS messaging solutions make it genuinely easy for you to send your customers content. Business messaging is our focus and our solution is cost effective, intuitive and allows you to get on with doing what you do best – treating your customers with exceptional care, as individuals.