Communicating with clients is one of the top tasks of any company. Informing them about promotions, order deliveries, or changes in schedules should be a must-do for any business trying to foster client loyalty and maintain a positive image. Companies choose the tools for communication with clients themselves. There is now a really wide range of options and the choice depends on many factors. However, it’s worth noting that among these tools, SMS clearly stands out.

SMS messages are universal:

  • more than 90% of them are opened by subscribers in the first seconds after they are received;
  • they’re accessible to almost everyone, as they don’t require a modern smartphone or an Internet connection;
  • they’re cheap, and the company doesn’t have to budget too much for an SMS campaign.

According to statistics, using three communication channels instead of just one can increase sales by 287%. This is why businesses often find it beneficial to use cascading communication, a method that increases audience reach by sending messages with the same information via several different channels. This technique makes it possible to “reach out” to all customers and be sure that you have conveyed all the necessary information.

Cascading communication is a method of sending a sequence of identical messages to subscribers via different channels until a reaction is achieved. If the recipient doesn’t open a message or buy the product on offer, the next medium in the sequence is activated. This chain of automated messages is halted if a message is opened or the client places an order. So there is no need to worry that a subscriber is unreachable.

Cascading communication is possible via SMS, Push, email, instant messengers, social media as well as other channels. First, cheap or free channels are used to send messages, before the other channels are gradually used in order of their cost.

Cascading communication is suitable for:

  • trigger messages;
  • promotional offers;
  • service messages;
  • information notices.

However, these messages are not always necessary. A launch makes sense if the business knows for sure that its clients use different communication channels. It’s also important to consider other factors such as their age, preferences, purchasing power, etc. That’s why we recommend learning about your audience and segmenting it before you begin to send them messages…

Here at Initis Telecom, we know everything there is about cascading communication. So, if you want to really get your customers and users on your side, use a mix of channels such as SMS and instant messengers (Whatsapp and Viber).
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We’ll have more about the advantages of cascading communication next time. Don’t miss our article.