SMS mail-outs have remained popular for years. They are a simple and effective marketing tool, which allows businesses to easily deliver important information to their subscribers.

However, sometimes recipients are unhappy with bulk messages and they unsubscribe. How can you avoid this and keep clients interested? Let’s try to figure it out.

Test them yourself

Before sending a message to your subscribers, send it to yourself first. This allows you to check its effectiveness, text literacy and whether it appears correctly on the phone screen.

This helps to root out forgotten details or typoes in the text.

Quick Subscription

Try to keep the opt-in mechanism clear and simple. There’s no need to force subscribers to sign reams of papers, fill out unnecessary forms, etc. It’s enough to clearly indicate why the client is leaving their phone number, and for this, a checkbox is enough.

Don’t forget to mention the possibility of subscription to your SMS service on other channels such as your website and social media.

The choice is up to the client

Instead of wondering what clients may or may not like, let them make their own choices.

For example, give them the opportunity to choose the time and frequency of SMS mail-outs, as well as topics that interest them.. The more choice your subscribers have, the less likely they will be to opt-out in the future, because in fact they themselves manage the bulk messages they receive.

Drip marketing

Drip marketing is simply sending a limited number of messages to your audience automatically, on a set time scale, based on actions subscribers take or changes in their status.

This approach, which involves tailoring your messages to suit individual clients can keep clients engaged for a longer time.

For example:

“Thank you for your subscription. Go to your account to claim a 20% discount on your next purchase”

“We hope you enjoyed our online store. Here is a list of promotional items that might interest you”

“Thanks for staying with us! We’re now using new delivery methods”

SMS, although a simple tool, requires a lot of attention and energy. If you already have ideas for your mass messages, then register on the Intis Telecom website to use all its capabilities to improve the efficiency of your SMS mail-outs.