When starting a marketing campaign, many companies use the effective tool of SMS mail-outs. They are cheap, fast and a good way to attract subscribers’ attention. Unfortunately, despite all these advantages, SMS are subject to a 160 character limit so sometimes, not all information can fit into one message.

The best way out of this situation is to add links to your website or landing page, where you can publish all the details for customers. However, there is a risk that users might be turned off at this step, finding the landing site awkward to use or not meeting expectations.

What should be done to minimize this risk?

  1. You need to optimize your website or landing page for mobile devices.
  2. All the important information should be on the first screen. The information on the page should be relevant to the text in your SMS message. If there was an offer of a  discount, the user should see the relevant information on the landing page.
  3. If the site requires the user to register, this process should be as simple as possible. This rule should ideally apply not only in the case of SMS mail-outs, but everywhere and always. The opportunity to register using social media is an excellent solution.
  4. You need to try to use a non-banal call to action. Think of something more specific than “Download”, “Register”, “Buy” etc. Test options such as “Get a discount”, “Pay and get to work”, “View a contract”, and so on.

If your website is ready, then you can safely create an SMS mail-out. For your convenience, we have created a special platform with many functions which is easy in use.