SMS marketing can bring a lot of money to companies. It’s cheap, simple and effective. However, sometimes companies can lose their money after an SMS campaign. This happens because they make mistakes which are unpardonable. Here, we’ve decided to consider the commonest mistakes.

Pick the Wrong Time

You need to remember that your consumers are not bags of money, they are humans who need to sleep, to work and to amuse themselves. It’s a big mistake to send them messages at times which are convenient for you, but not for them. Before starting an SMS campaign, you have to find optimal sending times based on the customer’s time zones, the time of a day and your products.

Be annoying

If you think that the more messages you send to your client, the better result you will have, then you are wrong. Of course, your clients need to know that you haven’t forgotten about them. But show this only once a week, or only when you have promotions. Don’t become a spammer.

Spam them with pointless offers

However, whether or not you have decided to become a spammer, think carefully about your offers.

Don’t write like this:

“Don`t see you for ages. Come to us”

They need to be interesting and attract attention. A mobile marketer who fails to sustain a prospect’s interest is missing potential business opportunities and ultimately damaging the brand.

Offer no opt-out mechanism

We can all change our minds. Don’t forget this. If your consumer isn’t given the opportunity to opt-out, they won’t opt-in. This is a very simple rule. Moreover, in all countries, Mobile marketers are legally bound to inform their audience how to opt-out of campaigns. Failure to do so violates current laws and can result in legal action.

Don’t bother with analysis

Your first campaign was successful and now you think that you are a SMS marketing guru. But it’s not true. Without detailed analysis, you can’t understand how exactly your campaign became successful. Start an analysis right after the end of your campaign and you will receive the most accurate results.To maximize results, you must strike while the iron is hot.

Don’t ever forget about these mistakes and think carefully about every step of your SMS campaign. SMS marketing can bring you popularity and a stable income if you do everything right.