Everyone wants to make their advertising campaigns as efficient as possible so that the efforts and the funds invested in them give results. We’ve decided to consider a few methods that can help make your SMS mail-outs more successful.

Experiment with numbers

If you have always offered your discounts in percentages (e.g. “a 10% discount”) try replacing this with a specific amount (“$5 off all purchases”). This is how psychology works, because seeing a cash equivalent can be more convincing for customers.

Draw attention to  deadlines 

As experience has borne out , the phrase “only 3 days left before the end of the offer” works on customers much better than “the offer is valid until 01.04.2019”. Emphasising how little time is left gives more emotion to your text message, pushing customers to start acting right now.

Provide more information

Unfortunately, SMS mail-outs don’t allow you to provide full information about your offer, because the number of characters in one message is limited. Therefore, if possible, we recommend including  a link to your website or a landing page where customers can find out about all the nuances of your promotion.

Always introduce yourself

Would you trust a message from an unfamiliar phone number offering you a promotion? Hardly. It follows that you should always introduce yourself. Ideally, you should have an alpha name*. If for some reason you don’t have an alpha name, then write the name of your company in the message body. Then your customers will know for sure that the offer has come from you, and if necessary they will be able to ask you for details.

For different businesses and different target audiences, certain methods may work with different degrees of efficiency and results. However, this isn’t a reason to say no to experiments. The main thing is not to forget to test your innovations before you start SMS mail-outs.

*The alpha name is what is displayed on the phones of the recipients of your SMS mail-out in the “Sender” field.