Marketing is a form of communication with consumers in order to sell them a product or service. Although this may seem straightforward, marketing often turns into a complex process of finding new and interesting ways to attract customers.

We have selected several marketing approaches for you that are suitable for improving your SMS mail-outs.

Be Natural

One possible  marketing strategy is ‘native advertising’. Most often, it is used on websites, but it is also suitable for SMS marketing. So, what is native advertising?

Native Advertising is a way of  attracting attention in the context of the users’ interests. It is perceived as part of the content, not identified as advertising, and it does not lead the audience to rejection.

According to a study conducted by Business Insider in 2016, marketers spent about $ 7.9 billion on native advertising. But by 2018, the agency foresees a significant increase in spending on this kind of marketing, up to 21 billion dollars.

Use celebrity and other ‘big name’ endorsement  

This can be from famous personalities or companies. Marketers have long resorted to the help of celebrities in social networks. This can be suitable for SMS marketing either. Note in the text that your product is recommended or used by famous persons. This add attractiveness to your proposal. Just don’t forget to analyze your audience before doing so, to make sure  your big name will be met with approval.


Daily information overload has made people more resistant to advertising. Modern consumers are very good at turning off stimuli, tuning out marketing messages that seem to them nothing more than meaningless and unnecessary noise.

Engagement with  clients at an individual level allows marketers to break through this noise and reach out to the target audience with the help of personalized content. This is about creating a marketing strategy which is focused on what consumers are looking for.


Automation of marketing is growing at an impressive rate; 71% of companies already use all sorts of technologies, which are designed to perform repetitive tasks “on autopilot”. With the growth of competition in this sphere, such application-assistants are getting smarter, more intuitive and more accessible. For this reason, they should interest any marketer who wants to be competitive and keep a leading position in the market.

The technology you need for SMS marketing can be found on the Intis Telecom website. Your SMS mail-outs are easy to organize with our Excel plugin, which allows you to automate the process as much as possible, taking the minimum amount of time.

The modern world is constantly evolving and you need to develop with it. Use new technology to improve your SMS campaigns and attract more customers.