The beginning of the year is an auspicious time to start preparing new advertising campaigns. To make them even more effective, it’s best to first examine the marketing trends that are taking shape for 2021.


You need to be open to your clients, tell the truth and carefully monitor your reputation. The constant stream of information available on social media makes the life of companies transparent, which, of course, is a plus for clients, but presents new difficulties for businesses. Every word can turn into a big problem for you if you misuse it.


Personal branding remains a trend this year, so influencers remain at the top too. People began to trust the opinion of people they know more than companies. Therefore, it’s time to get in contact with people with a large number of subscribers to recommend your product or service.


Your ads should evoke emotion in your clients. Storytelling, lively discussions and non-standard visuals are becoming the main weapon in a marketer’s arsenal.

In 2021, more and more often when preparing content for ads instead of “What benefit will the user get? What problem can it solve?” the question “What emotion does it evoke?”


Lockdown drove many companies online, shaking the foundations of offline. It would be logical for this trend to continue its development in the new year. Don’t forget about personalisation. Clients expect to find the same personalised approach to solving problems that they have encountered offline before.

Convenient omnichannel

Websites, landing pages, social networks, messengers, calls, marketplaces, email, the list goes on. The channels available for communicating with clients are only multiplying, so an omnichannel approach is now a must for all companies hoping for success.


More and more users and professionals are switching to mobile devices. This should be taken into account when creating advertising campaigns and choosing tools for their implementation.

Some of these trends have already been noticeable for several years, whereas some have only just come to the fore. One thing is clear. In order to succeed, we must all adapt to a new reality that does not stop changing.