Over the years, we have written many articles about the various different types of SMS mail-outs. Basically, they are all different types of offers for your customers; discounts, bonuses, contests, etc. However, what other group messages can you send to attract their attention and increase their loyalty to you?

If you are focused on long-term relationships with customers, you need to make sure that they feel special and that your messages are meaningful for them; also, you need to show that you are aware of their needs and you are interested in their opinions. The style of communication should be moderately warm and friendly.

So, what can you write to your clients?

Ask if the customers liked the product they bought last time:

“Hello John. Thank you for your purchase. We hope that you enjoyed it. We will be glad to see you again”

Ask if your customer can write a review of their purchased product or the services of the company:

“Hello Mary. Thank you for visiting our SPA! We would be very pleased to receive your feedback, which you can leave on our website: [link]”

Ask them to answer a few questions about the quality of service or fill out a small questionnaire, from which the client’s desires can become clearer:

“Hello Mike! You are our regular customer, and to be able to give you a better service, we ask you to fill out a small questionnaire: [link]”

If your client hasn’t visited you for a long time, don’t be afraid to ask them about it:

“Hello Samantha! You haven’t visited us for a long time. We are waiting for you to give you a 20% discount”

As for new customers, try not to immediately send them SMS mail-outs with special offers. Start with something neutral:

“Hello Diego! We are glad that we are now in touch. Have a nice week!”

This kind of communication can allow you to improve your relationships with customers and make them amenable to you.Don’t forget that you can easily organize all kinds of SMS mail-outs with Intis Telecom’s plugin, SMS4Office.