Let’s have another look at the best way to write texts for your SMS mail-outs.

Personal appeal

A faceless message is likely to attract less attention and hook your clients. Ideally, of course, it’s best to refer to the customer by name. However, sometimes we don’t know their names. What should you do in this case?

It’s best to use a simple phrase such as “Dear client”. This means your message has acquired a specific addressee, so it will seem to the subscriber that you are addressing them.

Also, try to compose the text so that the person feels that you care about them and that the offer you’re making them is quite unique. Show them that you care and remember important dates such as birthdays.

Be brief

Remember that an SMS is a short message. Your clients don’t expect huge texts from you that they won’t read. Re-read your text several times and highlight the most important thing in it. Clients should understand your offer in a few seconds.

The main thing is the first words

It’s no secret that if we aren’t interested in the first lines of the article, then we’re unlikely to read it to the end. The same principle applies to texts for SMS.

In order for the subscriber to read all the information in its entirety, arouse interest in them from the very beginning. If the text contains information about discounts, place it at the beginning of the SMS.

Call to action

Your message should carry some kind of call to action for it to succeed. Think it over well, understand what you want from your client; whether you want the tocall you, write to you, go to your website or come to your store.

Without a call to action, even the simplest one, your message will be meaningless.

More numbers

Minimise the time subscribers spend reading your SMS. You shouldn’t write in letters what can be shortened by writing in numbers. In addition, numerical data give a certain specificity to the recipient of the message. And also, studies show that numbers are easier for people to perceive in a text than words.

Contact Information

Be sure to leave your contact information. This could be a phone number, the address of your office or store, or even a link to your website.

It’s important that customers know how to contact you and don’t waste time looking for this information.

SMS mail-outs remain a popular and effective marketing tool. If you still have doubts about mass messaging, then you can try it out using the Intis Telecom platform. It features a large toolkit for working with SMS.Registration is completely free.